2021 Virtual National Firefighting Competition

Jun 3, 2021 | Newsletter 2021 06 June

Register Now for the 2021 Virtual National Firefighting Competition

Registration Deadline Extended to June 22, 2021

The National Firefighting Competition (NFC) is a friendly competition aimed at celebrating Indigenous firefighters and is delivered in the spirit of community and capacity building. Teams are invited to come together to compete in a friendly environment while working to increase fire and life safety awareness in their communities. And did we mention prizes? All registered teams will receive prizes consisting of public education materials and resources on fire prevention; winning teams will receive valuable structural firefighting equipment.

Don’t delay – the deadline to register your team closes at midnight Pacific Daylight Time on Tuesday, June 22, 2021. All teams must be registered to be eligible for awards.

In an effort to stem the spread of COVID-19, the Aboriginal Firefighters Association of Canada (AFAC) is once again hosting a virtual competition.

Register by downloading a registration and video consent form and submitting it by email to nfc@afac-apac.ca

Registration will be confirmed by email and instructions on how to submit the video submissions will be included in that confirmation email. Any questions or inquiries regarding the competition can be directed to nfc@afac-apac.ca

The 2021 competition is intentionally shifting its focus to public education and fire prevention. In the spirit of community, capacity building, and shared resources, this year’s competition requirements involve the submission of a public education video. While the format of each regional competition is up the respective regions to adapt, each team wishing to participate in the national competition is required to submit a short public education video on one of the themes provided below. The first, second, and third place winners from each region will move on to compete in the national competition.

Any additional activities related to skills, technique, or evolutions are at the discretion of the regions; however, those aspects of the competition will not be considered in the judging of the national competition. In the event that a region is unable to oversee the judging for their regional competition, AFAC will support the judging in addition to judging the national competition.

To participate in the NFC, you/your team will create a 5–20-minute public education video on fire prevention in one of the following six areas:

  1. 2021 NFPA Fire Prevention Week theme.
  2. An instructional video on how a home escape plan is implemented in a minimum number of homes (2–4). COVID-19 protocols are to be adhered to when making this video.
  3. An instructional video on fire alarm maintenance – how to recognize a fire alarm, test for effectiveness, and when and how to change the batteries.
  4. An instructional video on how to address a chimney fire and prevent future fires from occurring.
  5. How to conduct a safety inspection for an apparatus, including a step-by-step tutorial, the identification of common problems, how to conduct routine tests, and how to maintain the equipment.
  6. Other: Identify a topic that is meaningful, timely, and relevant to your community.

AFAC encourages each region to explore opportunities for hosting virtual events. Further, it is AFAC’s position that all provincial, regional, and local COVID-19 protocols be adhered to when organizing and participating in the regional competitions to ensure the health and safety of participants and communities.

How Video Submissions will be Assessed

Points will be awarded for the inclusion of the following elements:

  • Teams include a maximum of six people.
  • Not all team members are required to be in the video.
  • Individuals may support by way of writing, set or prop design, etc.
  • Videos are within the time requirements of a minimum of five minutes to a maximum of 20 minutes.
  • Technique, accuracy, and compliance to the regulations as they relate to the chosen theme are visible and apparent.
  • Content includes traditional elements, such as the use of traditional languages.
  • Content is thoughtful, intentional, and creative.

A requirement of the NFC is that one member from each team must attend an AFAC/NIFSC Project-led workshop on fire prevention or public education. We are excited to welcome NFC participants into one of our upcoming workshops tailored specifically to NFC participants. Details on how to register for the NFC workshop, being held between June 17 and June 27, will be provided in your confirmation email once you’ve submitted your registration.

The deadline for video submissions is Sept. 1

Regional winners will go on to the National competition, with a grand prize of $10,000 of structural firefighting equipment, and will be announced at a virtual celebration event on Sept. 24. We look forward to seeing you there and good luck to all of the 2021 NFC registrants.

Videos will be promoted throughout Fire Prevention Week Oct. 4–8, 2021.


  • All teams must be registered to be eligible for awards.
  • Competition Award – All teams who register and complete the competition requirements will receive a prize consisting of public education materials and resources on fire prevention.
  • Regional winning teams will be provided the following value of structural firefighting equipment: first place team $3,000, second place $2,000, third place$1,000.
  • National winning teams will be provided the following value of structural firefighting equipment: first place team $10,000, second place $7,500, third place $5,000.