NIFSC and the AFAC

History of the Aboriginal Firefighters Association of Canada (AFAC)

The Aboriginal Firefighters Association of Canada (AFAC) was foundedon September 19, 1991 in Portage La Prairie, MB
A group of Indigenous firefighters decided to form a National Aboriginal firefighters association. This association has worked for many years to research and raise awareness of the fire service challenges facing our Indigenous communities.

The association was established to:

  • Represent the interests of these associations nationally.
  • Assist in the exchange of information.
  • Support the implementation of services.
  • Promote national standards in fire prevention, education and suppression within Indigenous communities in Canada.

Four Priorities of AFAC

  • Fire prevention.
  • Advocate for legislative standards
  • Fire Service operations standards.
  • National coordination of fire and emergency services in Indigenous communities.
AFAC started the NIFSC with the following objectives:
  • Create an Indigenous organization collaboratively developed by national and regional Indigenous bodies to serve Indigenous communities (‘for us, by us’)
  • Negotiate an established and sustainable funding model for the organization 
  • Create a National Incident Reporting System
  • Be driven by strategic priorities instead of political agendas 
  • Create and promote Indigenous fire service careers and certified training
  • Create inclusive programs that can be subscribed to by all Indigenous communities
This strategic approach allows Indigenous communities to close the fire service gap to that of non-Indigenous communities and reach a comparable service level. To achieve these results, AFAC works in collaboration with federal and provincial governments, national fire service organizations and other Indigenous organizations.


AFAC Annual Report 2022

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