Aboriginal Firefighters
Association of Canada

The Aboriginal Firefighters Association of Canada (AFAC) was founded on September 19, 1991 in Portage La Prairie, MB when a group of Indigenous firefighters committed to forming a national Aboriginal firefighters association. The AFAC is a united body of regional Indigenous emergency and fire service organizations from across Canada that was established to:

  • Represent the interests of these associations nationally.
  • Assist in the exchange of information.
  • Support the implementation of services.
  • Promote national standards in fire prevention, education, and suppression within Indigenous communities in Canada.

AFAC operates as a consortium of regional Indigenous emergency and fire service organizations to work toward AFAC’s mission statement. Each regional organization nominates a representative to sit on the AFAC Board of Directors. Due to funding constraints, AFAC only accepts one representative for each region regardless of the number of regional organizations, political associations, or cultural diversity within the region.

To support a strategic and analytical approach to improving fire life safety (and associated statistics) for Indigenous communities and to support the transformation of Indigenous fire services, AFAC defined and adopted four key priorities in 2014 (revised January 2017):

  •  Fire prevention. 

  •  Legislative standards. 

  • Fire Service operations standards. 

  • National coordination of fire and emergency services in Indigenous communities.

This strategic approach enables Indigenous communities to consistently close the fire service gap to that of non-Indigenous communities and ultimately reach a comparable service level. To achieve tangible results in all four areas, AFAC continues to work in collaboration with federal and provincial governments, national fire service organizations, and other Indigenous organizations.

AFAC Board of Directors

  • Michelle Vandevord – President & Saskatchewan Representative
  • Anthony Moore – Vice-President & British Columbia Representative
  • Allan Peters – Secretary/Treasurer & Collaboration Director
  • Melvin McLeod – Director & Ontario Representative
  • William ‘Billy’ Moffat – Director & Quebec Representative
  • Blaine Wiggins – Executive Director