An introduction to Innovation 7

Jul 1, 2019 | News

For the engagement process, AFAC retained the services of a professional Indigenous Engagement Consultant to ensure that all participants views, knowledge, and experience are documented to assist with the creation of the new IFMO: for us, by us.

Innovation Seven Inc. (I7) is a professional services organization that specializes in helping communities, businesses, governments, and agencies assess and develop opportunities for Indigenous knowledge and inclusion. Headquartered in Pikwakanagan, ON, I7 is a 100% Indigenous-owned business and is PSAB compliant.

I7 and AFAC: I7 is under contract by Aboriginal Firefighters Association of Canada for the Facilitation of the Technical and Community Engagement Sessions and is responsible for coordinating the collection of data as well as ensuring that Indigenous communities and people have sufficient input into the creation of the IFMO.