Caring for Our Own

It has been a hard year — the pandemic, an isolating winter, and a challenging spring.

Our strength is stronger when we unite, even when the heat of summer brought with it fires and smoke and for many, evacuations from their homes. 

Through it all, our highly skilled and courageous fire and emergency service professionals have been serving our communities. They have dedicated their time and energy to ensuring that our communities are safe and secure amidst many challenges. Ensuring fire and life safety while working in a pandemic has been an added challenge for many. And now, more than ever, mental fitness plays an important role in the health and wellbeing of those in the fire service.   

Resiliency training, peer support, and community support are important for maintaining mental fitness, and what’s even more important is an Indigenous version of firefighter resiliency. Our Indigenous fire service members work and reside in close-knit communities, which requires a unique strength. The NIFSC understands the need for resiliency within departments, communities, and at the individual level, and is working on foundational programs and partnerships to provide Indigenous fire services with the support they need.  

We call on our community leaders to provide additional appreciation for first responders and volunteers on the front line to ensure their health and safety as they fight to protect ours.