Community Fire Safety Assessment

The Community Fire Safety Assessment (CFSA) is a tool that identifies fire and life safety risks in communities. This program completed its initial development in July 2020 and will be tested in communities starting in September 2020.

During the assessment, key members of the community assist in identifying the community’s unique fire safety situation and needs.

The CFSA provides a comprehensive assessment that includes areas such as:

  • How many fire hydrants are there in the community?
  • What type of water system does the community use?
  • How many residential buildings are there? How many commercial buildings?
  • Does the community have a police station? Emergency services? Medical facilities?
    Is the community at risk of floods or wildfires?
  • Is there a current map of the community?
  • How complete is it?
  • Does the community have cellular service?

The assessment topics and content were created with input from the Technical Advisory Committee. Following assessment, communities are provided an assessment report and recommendations to increase fire safety at the community level. In addition to the report given to the community, this assessment also leads into the Community Risk Reduction (CRR) Planning program, which helps communities develop risk reduction plans that address their own specific fire risks.


More details will be available on the website in early October.