Community Fire Safety Education

Community Fire Safety programs are focused on specific fire safety issues and are designed to increase awareness. There are programs addressing specific areas such as cooking and heating, and programs designed for everyone in the community — Elders, youth, children, and adults.

There are 19 Community Fire Safety programs currently in development with the NIFSC Project.

1.1 Youth Fire Setter Intervention

Fire safety education designed to prevent youth fire activity

1.2 Getting to Know Fire

Basic fire safety educations for all ages

1.3 Learn Not to Burn

Fire safety education with lesson plan format for school delivery

1.4 Close Before You Doze

Home fire safety education program

1.5 Fire Prevention Week

October fire safety campaign based on NFPA annual safety theme

1.6 Cooking Safety

Education program to highlight safe cooking practices and fire prevention

1.7 Heating Safety

Public education and materials on the safe use of different heating sources

1.8 Electrical Safety

Public education and training resources on electrical hazards and prevention of electrical fires

1.9 Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Safety

Public education program to promote the use, installation, and maintenance of smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors

1.10 Home Escape Planning

Home fire safety education program focused on the awareness, use, and practice of home escape plans

1.11 Senior and Elder Safety

Public education program focused on fall prevention and fire safety for seniors and elders

1.12 Multi-Generation Residence Safety

Public education program focused on homes that are multigenerational

1.13 Home Safety Assessment

Public education program utilizing a standardized safety assessment that provides occupants with recommendations to mitigate identified and potential hazards

1.14 Wood Heat Safety

Public education program focused on wood heating appliances safety

1.15 Wood Heat Maintenance

Public education program that provides wood heating appliance maintenance and awareness tips

1.16 Seasonal Safety

Season specific fire safety campaigns and education resources that focus on known and emerging issues

1.17 Fire Smart

Public education program that provides awareness and mitigation strategies to reduce wildfire risks

1.18 Fire and Life Safety Educator

Education program to train community-based members (firefighters, teachers, safety officers, etc.) to deliver fire and life safety programs

1.19 Traditional Fire Knowledge

Fire awareness education program based on cultural and traditional land management methods