COVID-19 Adaptations: Virtual and In-Person Programs

Mar 12, 2021 | Newsletter 2021 03 March

COVID-19 Adaptations: Virtual and In-Person Programs

The safety of our team members, their families, and communities during the COVID-19 pandemic remains a priority for us. With the health of all involved at the forefront of decision making, the NIFSC Project has continued to make progress despite the challenges posted by travel restrictions.

There are many programs and services that are currently being offered virtually, including online training workshops. Technology has been pivotal in bringing people together for virtual meetings. For example, our Fireside Sessions allow us to connect with people from coast to coast to coast while safely remaining at home. Once it is safe to do so, our intention is to deliver programs in person. For now, our online and virtual offerings allow us to continue addressing fire and life safety issues today.

If a community requests that we come on site, we have a travel approval process that includes a risk evaluation. In circumstances when it may be appropriate to approve travel, we are guided by the AFAC COVID safety plan and by national, provincial, and local health orders in addition to the personal comfort level of the individuals involved. We adhere to the most rigorous applicable health and safety guidelines.

Our team will use physical distancing, face masks, and hand washing/sanitizing while in your community. We track our contact so that, if necessary, we can perform contact tracing.