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Our progress this fiscal year to date – Updated March 19, 2021

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Program Development

Updated on: March 8, 2021
Programs are being developed for delivery in 7 areas: Community Safety Education, Governance (Fire Service), Community Infrastructure and Engineering Support, Fire Department Management, Fire Inspections, Fire Investigations and Fire Department operations.  The NIFSC’s final goal is to have all programs available for delivery in up to three formats: delivered in person by the Indigenous Fire Marshal Service (IFMS), training provided by the IFMS in a Train the Trainer format, and/or self-driven with provided materials. Programs will be available in both French and English.

Work in this area is planned in these quarters:

Fiscal Year to Date

(April 2020 – March 2021)

Quarter 1

Fewer programs completed initial development than planned due to delays in forming the program development team and COVID-19 induced delays. 10 Programs that were not completed in Q1 have been moved to Q2.

Quarter 2

In Q2 the project team will complete initial develeopment of the programs that were planned for Q1 in addition to those previously planned for Q2.

Quarter 3

Quarter 4

Program Delivery

Updated on: March 19, 2021

The goal of the NIFSC Project is to provide a total of 2,407 deliveries of different programs.  Program delivery started in August 2020 with the Home Safety Assessments (HSA) and the Fire Department Assessment (FDA).

The initial goal of the NIFSC Project was to provide a total of 2,407 deliveries of different programs this fiscal year. However, due to the impact of COVID-19 restrictions on delivering programs in communities, in January 2021 the numbers were revised to 1,231 deliveries as agreed with ISC.

Home Safety Assessments

Fiscal year goal:
1,050 deliveries

449 Planned

500 In Progress

101 completed

Fire Department Management Deliveries*

Fiscal year goal:
72 deliveries

37 Planned

19 In Progress

16 Completed

Governance & Infrastructure Support**

Fiscal year goal:
89 deliveries

50 Planned

15 In Progress

24 Completed

Fire Department Operations Deliveries

Fiscal year goal:
20 deliveries

20 Planned

0 In Progress

0 Completed

* Fire Department Assessment is included in Fire Department Management Deliveries
** Community Fire Safety Assessment is included in Governance & Infrastructure Support


Updated on: February 26, 2021

A total of 5 Research reports will be delivered in 2020/2021, providing validated qualitative and quantitative data that will guide program development, prioritzation and deliveries.

Work in this area is planned in these quarters:


2020/2021 Q2:

Creation of Evaluation & Measures (research Studies)

2020/2021 Q2:

Social Determinant of Risk within First Nations Community (research Studies)

2020/2021 Q3:

Developing 5 MOU’s for Collaboration

2020/2021 Q4:

Mortality & Morbidity within First Nations Community (research Studies)

2020/2021 Q4:

Guarding against Risks (research Studies)

2020/2021 Q4:

Alternative Fire Safety Environment (research Studies)

2020/2021 Q4:

Inventory Indigenous Centre’s within Academic Settings – for Recruitment

2020/2021 Q4:

Create a Geospatial Portrait for Potential Regional Office Service Locations

Governance and Corporate Development

Governance and corporate development supports the structure and corporate infrastructure for the NIFSC.

Work in this area is planned in these quarters:

Goal 1

Governance Legitimacy

To solidify support from National and Regional Indigenous Organizations for the existence, scope, and structure of NIFSC and establish the accountability framework that will sustain this support on an ongoing basis.

Objectives of Goal 1

  • Supported and approved mandate statement for NIFSC
  • Supported and approved governance model for NIFSC
  • Accountability framework
Goal 2

Effective Partnerships

To secure and sustain support for NIFSC, including funding, from the Government of Canada, and establish a network of other strategic partnerships that advance NIFSC’s mandate.

Objectives of Goal 2

  • Federal support for NIFSC’s mandate and operations
  • Long-term funding agreement with the Government of Canada
  • Partnership agreements
Goal 3

Corporate Integrity

To establish the essential legal, policy, people, and corporate infrastructure for an effective NIFSC institution that meets the expectations of Indigenous Peoples and communities.

Objectives of Goal 3

  • Legal foundation for NIFSC’s governance structure
  • Initial Board of Directors and strategic direction for NIFSC
  • Corporate policy and workflows for governance and accountability
  • Efficient and effective the design for the organization to meet the mandate and service model
  • Infrastructure such as office space and equipment