Engaging Communities for Safer Communities

Jul 1, 2019 | News

Community engagement is essential for the successful development of the Indigenous Fire Marshal Office. The first round of engagement was completed in 2018-2019 across Canada. The most important findings in these sessions were:

  • YES, there is a need for an Indigenous Fire Marshals Office.
  • The Creation, Vision and Mandate of the IFMO should be for us, by us

There will be 13 engagement sessions held this year. The voices of the community designates are the focus during these one-day, interactive meetings that include breakout sessions for participants to further explore the ideas. The group is also guided through discussion on the five themes that emerged from the 2018-/19 sessions:

  • Defining and Achieving Standards and Codes.
  • National Database and Data Collection.
  • Building Capacity and Training.
  • Community Advocacy.
  • Fire Prevention Programs & Service Delivery.

We are inviting designates from geographically-diverse Indigenous communities, regional political organizations, technical services groups, National Indigenous Organizations, self-government and treaty organizations to provide input on behalf of the people they serve.

Participation in the engagement process is your opportunity to have a voice in shaping the IFMO to meet your community needs, and to improve fire safety in all Indigenous communities across Canada.