Fireside Information Sessions

A Fireside Discussion on the New Study on Mortality and Morbidity related to Fire, Burns and Carbon Monoxide Poisoning among First Nations people, Métis, and Inuit

Our Fireside Sessions are virtual conversations that highlight how the NIFSC Project is working with Indigenous communities right now across the country. You will learn about the work the NIFSC Project is doing, including fire-related research initiatives and their impact on the fire prevention programs that are in development to improve fire and life safety in Indigenous communities.

This 45-minute Fireside Session will focus on the recent Statistics Canada study, commissioned by the NIFSC Project, on mortality and morbidity rates related to fire, burns and carbon monoxide poisoning among Indigenous communities across Canada.

In a conversation moderated by Six Nations Elected Councillor Nathan Wright, you will hear from Len Garis, Director of Research for the NIFSC Project, on the study findings. Though the results of the study are bleak, Garis will provide details on how the NIFSC Project, through fire and life safety programs, services, and training, will be intrinsic in improving the fire-related death and injury rates of Indigenous Peoples in the years to come.

Wednesday April 28

2pm PDT, 3pm MDT, 3pm CST,
4pm CDT, 5pm EST, 6pm ADT