Governance & Corporate Development

What is Governance & Corporate Development in relation to the National Indigenous Fire Safety Council (NIFSC) Project?

Governance and corporate development efforts relate to the activities and steps that need to be followed in order to build the organization and make sure the NIFSC Project is supported and accepted by Indigenous Peoples and organizations.

A detailed Corporate Development Plan has been created to guide these efforts. This plan describes the pathway to achieve these goals over the period from June 2020-April 2022.

The specific activities underway in corporate development include:

1. Confirming a mandate for NIFSC from National Indigenous Organizations (NIOs)

2. Formalizing a governance and accountability model for NIFSC

3. Finalizing funding for this new organization that is adequate to achieve its mandate and does not compete for funding with Indigenous communities and organizations

4. Determining the footprint of the organization to balance regional support within a national organization

5. Assuring that required policy and corporate infrastructure and assets are in place for organizational integrity and excellence

6. Organizational design and development

What is a Governance Model?

A governance model refers to how an organization’s policies, systems, structures, and framework interact with each other, who maintains responsibility for them and who oversees decision making. This responsibility often lies with a Board of Directors.

Request for Feedback on Proposed Governance Model

AFAC and the NIFSC Project are requesting feedback and comments on the proposed governance structure for the NIFSC to ensure that the organization maintains a pan-Indigenous approach. AFAC and the NIFSC Project invite comments on the model to support the strategic direction and the development of the NIFSC.

Why are We Sharing This Proposed Governance Model?

The proposed governance model was designed to support the mandate and continued work of the NIFSC once it’s implemented and operational in April 2022.

The governance goal of the NIFSC is to reflect all Indigenous Peoples and it will rely on the National Advisory Committee and collaboration with national Indigenous organizations to meet that goal. In order to achieve this goal, the NIFSC Project is circulating the proposed governance model for feedback.

NIFSC Legal Entity 

NIFSC will be implemented as a not for profit as the interim inaugural legal model effective April 1, 2022.

AFAC will expand the existing mandate and services, adopt the NIFSC governance and administration model and change the AFAC legal name to ‘National Indigenous Fire Safety Council’ effective April 1, 2022.

What Will We Do with Your Feedback?

The feedback provided will be taken into consideration as AFAC and the NIFSC Project move towards the standup and implementation of the NIFSC in April 2022.

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