IFMO Community Engagement Summary

Dec 1, 2019 | News

representatives to gather and share their voices to help bring about positive changes for Indigenous communities from coast to coast to coast.

These sessions examined three topic areas: Governance Models, Programs and Services, and Managing Expectations. Facilitation experts Innovation 7 designed the sessions to lead participants through a progressively deeper exploration of the topics. IFMO Project Lead Arnold Lazare presented the planned activities, a moderated armchair panel further explored the topics to provide greater understanding and context, and finally, the group divided into teams to examine a series of thoughtprovoking questions.

One of our strategies to encourage community representation was to issue travel reimbursement to participants on the day of the session. We are pleased to report that participants traveled from far and wide to ensure that their community had an active role in this important work. Representatives were from a diverse range of leadership roles, both formal and informal, and included adults of all ages. After each engagement session, we published initial summary reports on our website. We will be publishing the combined findings from all eight sessions in December.