IFMO Program and Service Development

Dec 1, 2019 | News

National Fire Support for Indigenous Communities

The IFMO is developing a series of programs and services based on the outcomes of the technical engagement sessions. At this stage of development, data is being collected to determine the applicable best practices. As part of this, existing provincial and territorial training programs are being examined to see how these programs can support communities on a national scale.

Current trends in fire protection programs are sporadic. Every region has a different model or delivery mechanism. While some systems work well, there are nonetheless some challenges. From funding to recruitment and retention, firefighter training to community preparedness and fire protection, there are many areas that need to be addressed. The IFMO will work with communities to identify and meet their individual needs.

The goal of developing programs and services that meet the needs of Indigenous communities and address the multitude of challenges in effective and culturally appropriate ways is no small feat. The IFMO project team has been tasked with research and development, and progress is being made. The outcome of this phase is to develop national programs and services that support Indigenous communities with the best in industry practices and develop networking and data collection for Indigenous communities, fire departments, prevention teams, and community members for use and sharing.

Using appropriate content and language, the IFMO is developing sustainable, culturally appropriate programs that can be delivered to communities by communities.