Implementation of Cause and Determination Reports

Using media reports, updates from the IFMS Program Delivery Specialists, and information from interagency contacts, the NIFSC is tracking fatal fires through the NIRS project area and have also implemented the creation of Cause and Determination reports. 

The Cause and Determination reports allow the distribution of targeted Safety Bulletins to First Nations Fire Departments, Canadian Council of Fire Marshals and Fire Commissioners, and other regional partners. Further, recipients are requested to circulate the Cause and Determination reports among their networks. Currently, there are six Cause and Determination reports under our stewardship; these reports are kept confidential and only shared with the team with secure access to the NIRS database.

While it is too soon to determine what impacts these bulletins may have, the NIFSC will continue to produce and circulate these reports as an opportunity for prompting fire and life safety.

For more information on the Cause and Determination reports, or the Safety Bulletins, please contact Laurie Sallis –