Inclusivity Statement

Nov 30, 2020 | December 2020 Newsletter

The AFAC Board of Directors is committed to the inclusion of all Indigenous Peoples in its current inception and in the planning and development of the National Indigenous Fire Safety Council (NIFSC). The AFAC Board is undergoing governance changes that will include extending invitations to Inuit and Métis peoples to serve on the current AFAC Board and participate in the strategic direction and development of the NIFSC. The governance goal of the NIFSC is to reflect all Indigenous Peoples and will rely on the National Advisory Committee and collaboration with national Indigenous organizations to meet that goal.

AFAC acknowledges that there are limitations in federal policy and program delivery and will continue to work with the Government of Canada to remove barriers to provide equitable service and support to all Indigenous Peoples regardless of their location (on or off reserve), status, or Indigenous representation (First Nations, Inuit or Métis).