Indigenous Fire Marshal Office project Working Group meets in Ottawa

Oct 4, 2019 | News, Programs

Friday October 4, 2019

The Indigenous Fire Marshal Office project Working Group is meeting today in Ottawa. The group of industry technical experts provide the project with valuable insight and opinion to aid in the development of the IFMO. Today’s agenda includes a project update followed by detailed information and discussion on the programs and services, structure and resource options, and the national database.

In attendance left to right: Blaine Wiggins – AFAC, Arnold Lazare – IFMO Project, Melanie Debassige –OFNTSC, Tina Saryeddine – CAFC, Monty Moudgil – ISC, Todd Keesey – ISC, Michael Lewis – CCFMFC, Natalka Cmoc – ISC, Shayne Mintz – NFPA, Gord Anderson – IFMO project, Kynan O’Rourke – IFMO project.

Regrets: Lt Col Lee Goodman – DND, Bing LeBlanc – AFN Housing & Infrastructure, Ted Cloutier – Nunavut Fire Marshal, John Kierdrowski – FNBOA – Brent Langlois – FNESS, Vaughn Paul – TSAG.