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Oct 5, 2020 | News, News Release

PRESS RELEASE: National Indigenous Fire Safety Council Project launches new website hub at

Oct. 5, 2020

The National Indigenous Fire Safety Council (NIFSC) Project is dedicated to supporting Indigenous communities in Canada through the development of fire safety programs and resources. Recently the NIFSC website has undergone major changes and now includes a project dashboard, allowing the public to follow as programs are developed and rolled out. The dashboard is updated on a regular basis and includes details on program development, program delivery and ongoing research.

At, the public has access to information about how the NIFSC Project began, what it is for and how it is progressing. The Project is developing and launching programs on a rolling basis, with new programs available for delivery on a regular basis. Program content will be offered in both English and French, and in different formats that include in-person by Indigenous Fire Marshal Service (IFMS) teams, community self-delivery and self-paced learning – with options for delivery that adapt for current COVID-19 travel and contact limitations, ensuring the safety of program participants.

The new site also has current contract opportunities posted for those interested in working on the Project as well as news links and resources on a variety of topics such as cooking safety, escape planning and woodstove and fireplace safety.
The NIFSC Project is managed by Aboriginal Firefighters Association of Canada (AFAC), a united body of regional Indigenous emergency and fire service organizations. Here are a few of the Project’s objectives:

  • Create a new organization through Indigenous collaboration – for us, by us.
  • Create an Indigenous governed organization whose structure receives sustainable funding to operate and serve FN communities.
  • Collaborate with existing Indigenous organizations providing support to FN communities and not accept any existing funding targeted for another Indigenous organization.
  • Establish standards and programs that are relevant to FN communities’ needs.
  • Keep strategic goals and objectives free of political influence.
  • Promote Indigenous fire service careers and training.
    Visit to find out more about the Project, or reach out to John Langen, Project Manager, to discuss this and other pertinent story ideas.