NIFSC at the Fire-Rescue Canada 2021 Education Conference

Our very own Jeremy Parkin, Director Program Development/TAC Coordinator presented at the 2021 Fire Rescue Canada Truth and Reconciliation Session hosted by the Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs (CAFC) and the National Indigenous Fire Safety Council. 

Jeremy spoke about the importance of mental health awareness and wellness in emergency services as part of this special session on Truth and Reconciliation in the Fire Service, which was open to all members of the Aboriginal Firefighters Association of Canada and members of the Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs.  

We are also thrilled to share that another member of the NIFSC was honoured at the CAFC conference. Arnold Lazare, an IFMS Program Delivery Specialist, was awarded with the prestigious title of 2021 Volunteer Fire Chief of the Year. Arnold says he was honoured to be nominated and is still in disbelief to have won: “There are so many people who have contributed to me being where I am, and they are all part of this. Especially my wife Dawn and three sons,TJ, Liam and Ethan.” Arnold hopes that his winning of this award draws more attention to the NIFSC’s efforts to improve fire and life safety in Indigenous communities. 

What’s more is that Jeremy Parkin also received an honour at the conference and was awarded the Executive Fire Chief Officer designation from the Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs. When asked about his recent designation, Jeremy shared the following with us:  

“This designation is a direct result of being part of a community that invests into its fire department. My ability to meet this high standard is a reflection of the opportunities provided to me and the advancements past leaders have made. I am proud to show that Indigenous communities, when properly supported, can succeed within the fire service.” 

We extend our heartfelt thanks and congratulations to both Jeremy Parkin and Arnold Lazare!