NIFSC Project Program Delivery — How it’s Done

Jun 5, 2020 | Project Status

For a program to be implemented, it goes through the three phases of development, testing, and delivery. During development, programs are either created from scratch or existing programs are adapted to meet new needs. Once a program has been developed, the testing phase confirms that the program meets both the technical requirements and the requirements of the communities. Testing is done in a variety of ways, including for example user evaluations and technical tests. Once all the tests have been passed, the program is ready for delivery. Depending on the nature of the program, delivery can happen in a variety of ways including for example:

  • A NIFSC project team member visits a community to deliver the program on site;
  • The program content is downloaded from the website and delivered by a member of the community; or
  • Training is provided to a member of the community who then delivers the program to the community.