NIRS Community Champion

The National Incident Reporting System (NIRS) is a nation-wide database that records and tracks fire incident data occurring in Indigenous communities.

By gathering this informationwe can analyze how and why fires are happeningdriving our attention to the risks. With this information, more informed decisions can be made about education and fire safety community planningThe data also helps to inform how fire departments are utilized within communities.  

For more information on the NIRS and the benefits of reporting fire incidents, there are two great videos on the NIFSC website: 

Community Champions play an important role as local contacts, available to answer any questions and to share informationThese community leaders will help to promote the importance of fire safety data collection and awareness for their communities and others. Moreover, during such stressful and uncertain times, it is more important than ever to shine a light on the people who are committed to this workThe NIFSC aims to highlight some of the amazing work that our fire safety members continue to do to drive their communities forward. 

One of our NIRS Community Champions is Ted Clouter, the Nunavut Fire Marshal. Clouter has demonstrated an exceptional commitment to fire and life safety: 

  • First CCFMFC region to fully support the NIRS 
  • Consistently updating the NIRS with fire-related incidents and materials 
  • Submitted the first report from a community North of 60 Always thinking outside the box for ways to support his communities and their departments 
  • Member of the NIFSC TAC Committee  
  • Member of the AFAC Board of Directors