Announcing the Launch of the National Incident Reporting System

Feb 2, 2021 | News, News Release

Announcing the Launch of the National Incident Reporting System

The National Indigenous Fire Safety Council (NIFSC) Project is excited to announce the launch of the National Incident Reporting System (NIRS). The NIRS is a system that gathers, stores, and analyses fire incident data. The goal of the NIRS is to reduce fire-related injuries, property damage and the loss of life. Reporting a fire incident helps to identify gaps in fire protection and supports the reduction of fire-related injury, property damage, and loss of life. It also supports long-term decision making to ensure that First Nations people living on reserve are offered the same level of protection as others. By understanding why and how fires occur, we can bring direct attention to the root causes and prevent future fires from happening.

The NIRS allows Indigenous communities to submit information on fire incidents in their communities through an easy-to-use web or pdf form. We  also offer support in filling out and submitting the form. The reporting system is designed so that anyone — Band office, Chief and Council, fire department, emergency personnel, insurance company, or community member — can report an incident.

The NIFSC Project will gather this information and analyze the cause, origin, and circumstances of fires to identify fire and life safety risks in communities at local, provincial, and national levels. Identifying  trends in fire incidents means that any gaps and new or changing issues can be identified and used to make positive changes, including public education, training, improvements in infrastructure, and long-term economic planning.

The NIRS stores the information gathered from communities —  and the privacy, safety and security of this data is taken seriously. Only authorized users can access the data and a system of security measures are in place to ensure that the data is protected. The data itself will be used to inform positive changes including supporting fire prevention and education, training, standardized building inspection processes, and frameworks to ensure quality and standards are met.

This is where we need your help. The benefits of collecting and analyzing fire incidents will only be realised if communities contribute their data by reporting past and present incidents. This will require an ongoing commitment. If we work together, we can create a real-world understanding of fire and life safety issues in Indigenous communities. The more reports we receive, the better we’re able to identify trends and direct attention, awareness, research, and funding where it’s needed most. We are excited that this system is up and running and are looking forward to working with communities to gather the information needed to make positive changes to fire and life safety in Indigenous communities!

For more information or to get answers to your questions, please contact Mandy Desautels –

To report an incident by phone, please contact the NIFSC Project at 1-888-444-6811 and ask to report a fire incident.