Overview of Governance and Organizational Structure

The successful development of the Aboriginal Firefighters Association of Canada’s (AFAC) NIFSC Project requires the knowledge and expertise of a variety of individuals, sectors, and organizations. AFAC itself is a united body of regional Indigenous emergency and fire service organizations from across Canada. Governance and corporate development efforts are underway to build the organization and make sure the NIFSC Project is supported and accepted by Indigenous Peoples and organizations. The NIFSC Project is made up of a project management team and has the support of the AFAC Board of Directors, a National Advisory Committee (NAC), and Technical Advisory Committee (TAC).

The AFAC Board of Directors works to achieve the following objectives:

  • Utilize Indigenous collaboration in all components of the development and design of the NIFSC Project.
  • Create a sustainable funding model to ensure the NIFSC Project is viable into the future.
  • Collaborate with National Indigenous Organizations.
    Create a formal organization that has the security of government support.
  • Transition the NIFSC Project portfolio from Indigenous Services Canada to Public Safety Canada.
    Establish a sustainable and effective Indigenous governance structure.
  • Ensure the NIFSC Project is free of political interference and able to pursue a meaningful Indigenous public safety agenda.

The National Advisory Committee (NAC) helps us to maintain an inclusive approach that meets the needs of all Indigenous communities, by providing advice on the project as it evolves.

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) gives technical advice on the development and delivery of fire safety programs. The TAC brings together a wide range of education, experience, and expertise to share best practices and solve common issues. This committee allows for Indigenous fire safety experts to guide NIFSC programs. There is an open invitation to all regional technical organizations to participate in the TAC.


A survey will be coming to our website that will give members of all Indigenous communities an opportunity to contribute their ideas.