Program Development and Delivery Updates

Program Development

The NIFSC Project is tasked with developing 78 programs in the 7 categories of Community Fire Safety, Community Governance Support, Community Infrastructure & Engineering, Fire Department Management, Inspection Services, Investigation Services, and Fire Department Operations.

Q1: Fewer programs completed initial development than planned due to delays in forming the program development team and COVID-19 induced delays. 10 Programs that were not completed in Q1 have been moved to Q2.

Q2: In Q2 the project team will complete initial development of the programs that were planned for Q1 in addition to those previously planned for Q2.

Program Delivery

When development is complete, program delivery will occur on a rolling basis with programs that are delivered in person by the IFMS team, in a Train the Trainer format, or as a Self-Driven program with provided materials, in both French and English. Our goal is 2,407 unique, individual deliveries across all programs.

Q1: No deliveries were planned during Q1 as the focus was on defining the portfolio of programs to be developed and starting the program development work.

Q2: Deliveries commenced in August 2020 with Home Safety Assessments (HSA) and Fire Department Assessments (FDA).


A total of 5 Research reports will be delivered in 20/21, providing validated qualitative and quantitative data that will guide program development, prioritization and deliveries.

Q1: No research projects were planned to be completed in Q1.

Q2: Two research studies were completed: 1) Program Development and Evaluation, and 2) Analysis of Risk Factors.

Corporate Development

Establish the mandate, accountability framework, governance structure, corporate structure, operating model, funding requirements & model and organizational structure for the NIFSC.

Q1: The strategic plan to complete the corporate development work was delivered and accepted.

Q2: Nohotout Consulting contracted to implement the plan that was delivered in Q1.