Project Update Dec 2020

A lot of exciting things have been happening over the last few months. If you’ve been on the website, you may have noticed our new look. Recently, the NIFSC website has undergone major changes, including the addition of a project dashboard that lets you follow as programs are developed and rolled out. The dashboard is updated regularly and is the go-to place to find details on program development, program delivery, and ongoing research.

The newly designed and streamlined website gives you access to information on the origins of the NIFSC Project, its purpose, and how it is progressing. Looking for safety information? Links and resources on a variety of topics are available, including cooking safety, escape planning, and woodstove and fireplace safety. For those interested in working on the NIFSC Project, the Opportunities page has any current contract opportunities. Be sure to check out everything the new website has to offer.

The NIFSC Project is hard at work developing programs, launching them on a rolling basis:

  • Initial development has been completed for 14 programs — The meaning of initial development is: “IFMS delivered in English.”
  • Initial development of 15 additional programs is in progress.
  • “Self – delivery” and “Train the Trainer” modes of delivery will be completed in fiscal year 2021–2022 as well as translation of all programs in the three modes into French.

The following programs have completed initial development:

Home Safety Assessment Delivery activity has started
Fire Department Assessment Delivery activity has started
Community Fire Safety Assessment Delivery activity has started
Youth Fire Setter Intervention
Getting to Know Fire
Learn Not To Burn
Close Before You Doze
Senior and Elder Safety
MTSA Development
Fire Protection Research Services
Fire Smart
Wood Heat Safety
Wood Heat Maintenance
Smoke Alarms and CO Safety

Initial development of the following programs is in-progress:

Fire Prevention Week
Home Escape Planning
Community Risk Reduction (CRR) Plan
Effective Governance for Fire Service Administration
Risk Mitigation and Analysis Services
Plans Examination Services
Plans Examination Training
Policy & Operational Guideline Support
Policy and Guideline Training
Mutual & Automatic Aid Agreement Support
Fire Extinguisher Inspection & Maintenance Services
Pre-Incident Planning Support
Heating Safety in the Community
Fire and Life Safety Educator
Fire Prevention Program Planning Support
Ten communities have signed up to conduct self-delivery of Home Safety Assessments (HSAs). Many other communities have expressed an interest in conducting HSAs, Fire Department Assessments (FDA), and Community Fire Safety Assessments (CFSA). Delivery of these fire safety programs, especially the HSAs, has been a challenge due to the physical distancing requirements of COVID-19. However, the team has been innovative in devising virtual approaches to conducting these assessments. Once assessments have been completed, the project team develops a report that goes back to the community on the major observations for each assessment.

IFMS and Delivery Specialists

The Indigenous Fire Marshal Service (IFMS) is responsible for the responsive and evolving delivery of IFMS programs and services — working with communities to deliver programs to meet the communities’ needs.
The IFMS Delivery Specialists are subject-matter experts who can provide technical support and advise on program development. They harness their community connections to work with communities to deliver programs to meet that community’s needs.