Return to In-Person Training Deliveries with Sweetgrass First Nation

Return to In-Person Training Deliveries with Sweetgrass First Nation

With COVID-19 restrictions adapting to current status this past fall, the IFMS team was able to meet with Sweetgrass First Nations in Saskatchewan and provide a four-day in-person training session with their Fire Department.

This marked an opportunity to provide hands-on training at the Battleford Fire Training Grounds.

Throughout the four-day session, a variety of programs related Fire Department Management and Fire Department Operations were covered including the following:

  • Donning and Doffing Turnout Gear (Practical)
  • Effective Fire Service Governance
  • Fire Bylaw Development
  • Fire Service Occupational Health and Safety 
  • Firefighter Protective Equipment Support 
  • Ground Ladders, Lifting and Lowering Methods, & Carries (Practical)
  • Hose Deployment, with SCBA and Hose Line Advancement into Simulated Burning Building
  • Lifts and Carries (Practical) 
  • Primary and Secondary Searches, Black Out Mask with SCBA (Practical) 
  • Radio Communications

On final day a practical demonstration took place with a live burn exercise which provided an overview on wind flow and incipient, free burning, and the decay of live fire. The session also included search and rescue exercises, and nozzle pencilling techniques.

The session was deemed an enormous success and for all involved and we look forward to post COVID-19 restrictions, and the return of the IFMS into community.

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