Spaces are still available to improve fire safety in all Indigenous communities across Canada

Jul 19, 2019 | News, Past Events

We are inviting designates from geographically-diverse Indigenous communities, regional political organizations, technical services groups, National Indigenous Organizations, self-government and treaty organizations to provide input on behalf of the people they serve.

Technical session designates should be engaged in and/or knowledgeable about fire safety in their community or the communities their organization represents. For example, Fire Chief, Housing Manager, Infrastructure Manager, Technical Services Groups.

This summer we are holding 5 Technical Engagement Sessions across the country and invite designates to attend their nearest event:

  • July 30, Saskatoon SK
  • August 1, Edmonton AB
  • August 16, Eskasoni NS
  • August 27, Quebec City QC
  • August 29, Thunder Bay ON

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