AFAC Strategic Priorities

Apr 1, 2019 | News

Fire Prevention

  • Delivery of National Fire Prevention Programs.
  • Liaison with Fire Prevention Organizations/Associations.
  • Promote National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards
    and best practice for Indigenous fire service.
  • Define adequate fire prevention programs in Indigenous communities.
  • Support the evolution of a national fire reporting system.

Legislative Standards

  • Support Indigenous leaders to define and implement National Fire Protection Legislation on reserve that defines Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) and applicable codes.
  • Support the use of building and fire codes on reserve adopted by
    Indigenous communities as required in proposed Fire Protection Legislation and/or Regulations.
  • Support the evolution of a national comparable fire
    inspection strategy.
  • Provide technical support to Indigenous fire departments for enhancing their Fire Underwriter Survey.

Fire Service Operations Standards

  • Develop operational standards (training, equipment, environmental
    scan, fire protection programs, community infrastructure support, volunteerism, etc.).
  • Enhance fire service capacity on reserve.
  • Enhance community fire service support through regional Indigenous emergency services organizations and an IFMO.
  • Support continued improvements of Level-of-Service Standards
    for communities.

National Coordination for Indigenous Fire & Emergency Services

  • Implementation of an IFMO.
  • Provide policy advice to ISC, AFN, and regional Indigenous leaders.
  • Liaison with AFN and regional Indigenous political groups on fire policy.
  • Liaison with other national fire organizations.
  • Provide support to regional and community Emergency Management Services.
  • Provide support to enhance Emergency Medical Service providers
    for Indigenous communities.

National Fire Protection Legislation
Indigenous communities remain the only jurisdictions that are not provided with Fire Protection Legislation. AFAC supports the development of a National Fire Protection Legislation developed by Indigenous leadership to address the unique requirements of Indigenouss communities.