IFMO Technical Engagement Session Results

Oct 8, 2019 | Engagement, Reports

Five technical engagement sessions this past summer allowed us to gather important expert opinion and observations from communities coast to coast. To move the IFMO project forward, we will begin building on the information gathered and address the gaps that were identified.

As we begin to create plans to implement the expert recommendations that came from the technical sessions, we remain dedicated to creating successful, sustainable programs and services.

Capacity building, awareness, and education are the way forward in achieving the goal of reducing loss of life. The outcomes of the technical engagement sessions focus on

  • setting standards and codes
  • the creation of a National Database supported by robust and representative data collection
  • building capacity through culturally and linguistically appropriate training and services
  • community advocacy
  • fire prevention programs and service delivery

As this project progresses, we will continue to work with Indigenous communities and relevant regional and national groups to realize our goals of developing community capacity for safer and healthy Indigenous communities.

During October and November 2019, we will hold eight community engagement sessions to inform the organizational design.