The IFMO National Database: Information for us, by us

Dec 23, 2019 | News

The Aboriginal Firefighters Association of Canada (AFAC) Indigenous Fire Marshal Office (IFMO) Project and the Province of British Columbia have signed a memorandum of understanding with respect to the use of the Fire Inventory Reporting and Evaluation system (FIRES).

Gathering and analyzing data from fire incidents on reserve is recognized as a powerful opportunity to bridge the fire-safety gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities. The collection of such data helps guide the creation of fire prevention and public education programs to reduce loss of life and property.

Through this MOU, the Province is providing access to the FIRES system which will allow the IFMO project to assess and evaluate the system’s capabilities to inform the provision of a permanent data reporting system for Indigenous communities across Canada.

The database will be an important resource for communities to learn from the successes and challenges in other communities, as well as share their own experiences, in order to manage and deliver their fire services. The development of the National Database is one more important step toward the goal of supporting capacity building for safer communities.