From Consultation to Delivery: The NIFSC Project Moves Forward

In 2019/20, the main effort of the NIFSC project was to consult and engage with fire safety experts, community members, and stakeholders on the role and mandate of the project. Clarifying the requirements of the project allowed the focus to shift to program development and delivery.

In this new phase, a team consisting of project delivery and fire safety experts will be assembled. The NIFSC project team will continue to reach out to stakeholders to seek feedback on programs as they are developed and delivered to ensure that the desired results are achieved.

The NIFSC project aims to begin delivering  programs as soon as they are ready. While the ongoing COVID-19 crisis will alter some of the planned activities, remote work, such as telephone-based Fire Department and Home Safety Assessments, will commence. Delivery of other programs will take place when appropriate. One important early deliverable will be the National Incident Database, which will capture key information to optimize service delivery to maximize fire safety.