Training Programs provide benefits all around

Jun 3, 2021 | Newsletter 2021 06 June

The National Indigenous Fire Safety Council Project (NIFSC) is dedicated to improving fire and life safety in Indigenous communities. The Indigenous Fire Marshal Service (IFMS), the delivery arm of the NIFSC, is responsible for the responsive and evolving delivery of programs and services. The IFMS looked at the findings of Home Safety, Fire Department, and Community Fire Safety Assessments and created a suite of programs and services to help communities meet their fire and life safety goals.

As programs continue to roll out, we are able to see the benefits firsthand, as we have with Deputy Fire Chief Zachary Gladue of Bigstone Cree Nation. He attended several of our virtual workshops in early 2021 and says he has plans to continue registering for IFMS training events and encourages members of Indigenous communities and other emergency service workers to do so as well. Read on for more of what Gladue had to say.

In addition to registering for training events, firefighters also have the National Firefighting Competition to look forward to in the near future. This year’s friendly competition is focusing on public education and fire prevention and has major prizes to be won.