UPDATE: More Hiring!

Mar 10, 2020 | News, Opportunities

Be a Part of the IFMO Project!

The Indigenous Fire Marshall Office (IFMO) project continues to gain momentum as AFAC moves the project to the next phase. Several new opportunities have been posted on our website. As a ‘for us, by us’ project, we encourage all qualified applicants to apply.

The following opportunities are currently available:


1. Admin Support – Closing March 27, 2020

2. Project Scheduler – Closing March 27, 2020

3. Information Technology – Closing March 27,2020

4. Communications Services – Closing March 27,200

5. Programs & Services Resources – Closing March 31, 2020

6. Corporate Development Resources – Closing March 31, 2020


Positions are based remotely across the country and may be full time or part time.

Contract, secondment and employment options may all be considered.

Multiple positions may be filled from each posting, take a look and submit your application highlighting the components that you are seeking to deliver.