Women Needed in Fire Service

Skill, training, and professionalism are required to fight fires, prevent fires, and build awareness in our communities. Women shine in this world of fire services.


Just look at AFAC Board President Michelle Vandevord, who has been a firefighter for more than 20 years:

“By doing what I’m doing every day as a volunteer, I hope that I am inspiring more females. They’re desperately needed. All over Canada we’re seeing a huge decrease in volunteer numbers for fire departments. So I encourage more females to look at their fire departments.”


The work done by women like Michelle has paved the way for many to pursue this as a career, or as a community volunteer and leader. There is a need for more women to join the fire service, to be leaders in their communities, to empower the next generation of girls to take leadership roles, and to excel in the rewarding pursuit of keeping our communities and homes safe. We encourage Indigenous women to consider pursuing opportunities in the fire services and we encourage communities to support these women in undertaking this important role.