National Indigenous Fire Safety Council
Conseil national autochtone de la sécurité-incendie

Community Infrastructure & Engineering Support

Community Infrastructure and Engineering Support programs will assist communities in designing and planning fire-related infrastructure, including water systems and hydrants. They will identify what individual communities need and put appropriate people in place to design and build the necessary infrastructure.

There are 11 Community Infrastructure & Engineering Services programs currently in development with the NIFSC.

301 National Incident Reporting System

The National Incident Reporting System is a data management system to support community collection of fire incidents and management of fire service infrastructure. Continued confidential data collection will assist in identifying trends and establish baseline metrics for fire incidence in Indigenous communities.  

Delivery Resource – NIRS staff, IFMS staff, MOU with external agencies. 

302 Fire Protection Research Services

Fire Protection Research is a service for communities, First Nations organizations and allied fire prevention organizations to request research programs on fire safety, mitigation, infrastructure protection or emerging safety issues.  

Resources – research subject matter experts and affiliated research agencies  

303 Plans Examination Services

The Plans Examination Service program assists communities who require building plans reviewed. Plans examination reviews support the development of any new buildings to ensure all fire protection components are properly identified in the planning process for new capital investment. 

Delivery Resource – IFMS Delivery Specialist (certified plans examiner) 

304 Introduction to Plans Examination

The Introduction to Plans Examination is a workshop that helps communities understands the purpose of plans examination and the components reviewed during a plan’s examination. The training will support those requesting and receiving certified plans examination reports on planned community infrastructure and those interested in pursuing plans examination certification training. 

Delivery Resource – IFMS Delivery Specialist (certified plans examiner) 

304-A Certified Plans Examination Training (2022/23)

Plans Examiner Training – accredited.  Collaboration agreement with accredited training agency in progress. Training agencies only provide the accredited training, certification requires a mentorship process, IFMS will support student post training with the required mentorship to apply for NFPA Plans Examiner certification. 

305 Capital Infrastructure Management Support - in development

The Capital Infrastructure Management Support service will assist communities with managing major capital assets. This support will cover tracking, planning, and acquisition of fire service capital assets (buildings, apparatus, major equipment). This service is delivered by IFMS. 

306 Fire Station Planning Services - TBD

The Fire Station Planning Service is a support program for communities. It is designed to assist with fire station capital infrastructure acquisition or station renovations. The service will support the planning and needs analysis phases of fire station infrastructure. The service does not perform engineering, architecture or survey services. 

Delivery Resource – IFMS Delivery Specialist (operational experience) 

307 Water Infrastructure Engineering Services - TBD

The Water Infrastructure Engineering Services program will support communities in establishing water infrastructure and fire protection systems. This program will assist with the fundamental components of water fire suppression requirements and geographical planning. This service may include working with community established engineer services, regional ISC engineering services or contracted engineering services depending on the level of support required by the specific project.  

Delivery Resource – IFMS Delivery Specialist (operational experience) and/or contracted engineering services. 

308 Hydrant Infrastructure Services - in development

The Hydrant Infrastructure Service is a program designed to establish minimum maintenance services for communities operating hydrants. The program will focus on hydrant care and use, maintenance, and operations for fire services.  

Delivery Resource – IFMS Delivery Specialist (hydrant infrastructure and flow testing experience) 

309 Community Fire Protection Planning Support

The Community Fire Protection Planning Support program is a service to assist a community in the planning, development or enhancement of fire protection systems. The program will provide communities options to expand and implement additional fire protection methods within their community. 

Delivery Resource – IFMS Delivery Specialist (relevant certification – Fire Life Safety Educator, Fire Prevention, Fire Inspector) 

310 Fixed Systems and Sprinkler Protection Support Services - TBD

This program is a support service for assisting in the planning, development, enhancement or maintenance of fixed suppression systems and sprinkler protection. Initial support services evaluated to determine if engineering or certified fire systems technician required. 

Delivery Resource – IFMS Delivery Specialist (suppression systems experience) and/or contracted engineering services or fire suppression technical services. 

311 Emergency Services Communication Support Services

This program is a support service for assisting fire departments in the planning, development or enhancement of emergency services communications infrastructure. This may include radios (handheld/fixed), antenna/repeaters, pager systems, satellite, app based dispatch & incident and phone notification (911) systems. 

Delivery Resource – IFMS Delivery Specialist (communication experience) and/or contracted technical communication services.