National Indigenous Fire Safety Council
Conseil national autochtone de la sécurité-incendie

The Indigenous Fire Marshal Service (IFMS)

The IFMS is responsible for the responsive and evolving delivery of IFMS programs and services

Programs can be delivered in both English and French in 3 different formats:

  • Delivery by the IFMS

  • Train the trainer formats where training will be provided on program delivery

  • Self-service formats for experienced individuals who can deliver the information without needing training


The IFMS Delivery Specialists are subject matter experts who can provide technical support and advise on program development. They work with communities to deliver programs to meet the communities’ needs. Delivery Specialists can directly deliver programs in communities, support communities and their members to deliver programs within their communities and support the self-delivery of selected programs.

Delivery Specialists also have the following responsibilities:

  • Identify community contacts.

  • Promote the NIFSC and IFMS programs to communities.

  • Build relationships with communities.

  • Collaborate and work with communities and their members to identify IFMS programs that may meet the needs of the community.

  • Work with and/or provide assistance, support and mentorship to communities and their members in the delivery of IFMS programs.

  • Conduct technical audits.

  • Conduct field tests of new and updated IFMS programs.

IFMS infographic

Indigenous Fire Marshall Service (IFMS) Delivery Request Form

The Indigenous Fire Marshall Service (IFMS) Delivery Request Form is designed to facilitate First Nations communities in accessing a wide range of essential fire safety services. This comprehensive form allows community representatives to request various services from IFMS, including:

  • Fire Inspections

  • Fire Department Assessments

  • Funding Applications

  • Award Requests

  • Equipment Requests

By filling out this form, First Nations can ensure they are equipped with the resources, support, and recognition they need to effectively manage fire safety and enhance the well-being of their communities. The IFMS is committed to providing tailored support and fostering strong partnerships with Indigenous communities across Canada.