National Indigenous Fire Safety Council
Conseil national autochtone de la sécurité-incendie


Research Call for Proposals 2023-2024

We are asking for your research ideas. If you have some areas that you feel warrant a need for information or a deeper analysis that might end in a research report or study, we would like to hear from you.

Please consider the following to help formulate a submission for research or a study. Please submit your ideas to Research Director Len Garis at

What is the research question(s) you are going to ask and why is it important?

The proposal should start by identifying the specific research questions that the requester wishes to address. The proposal should indicate why the research questions are important and how they would contribute to our substantive understanding of the questions specified. That is to say, what scientific or policy issues are addressed by the research project?

What is the state of the research on this question?

The proposal should provide a short review of the problem or situation relating to the questions being addressed. This summary should include references if possible. Gaps in the existing research literature should be identified.

What is the method to be employed?

The proposal should contain a discussion, in non-technical terms, what the answer to the question might look like.

What will be the output from the research project?

The proposal should outline what potentially material will result from the research.

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