National Indigenous Fire Safety Council
Conseil national autochtone de la sécurité-incendie

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Our progress – Updated October 1st, 2021

Program Development

Updated on: October 1st, 2021

A total of 76 programs are being developed for delivery in seven (7) areas: Community Safety Education, Governance (Fire Service), Community Infrastructure and Engineering Support, Fire Department Management, Fire Inspections, Fire Investigations and Fire Department Operations.

The goal of the NIFSC is to have all programs available for delivery in up to three formats: delivered in person by the Indigenous Fire Marshal Service (IFMS), training provided by the IFMS in a Train the Trainer format, and/or self-driven with provided materials. Programs will be available in both French and English.

In the last fiscal year (2020-2021) 51 programs were completed in the IFMS delivery format. Of the 51 programs, 18 ​programs will be undergoing enhancements and will be completed by November 2021. The remaining programs will be completed this fiscal year (2021-2022). In Q1 of this year, the Train the Trainer framework along with three (3) Train the Trainer programs were completed.

Program Delivery

Updated on: January 31st, 2022

The programs will all be made available in both English and French, and in different formats which include:

  • An IFMS Program Delivery Specialist visits a community to deliver the program on site;

  • The program content is downloaded from the website and then delivered by a member of the community (self-delivery); or

  • Training is provided to a member of the community who then delivers the program to the community (Train the Trainer).

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Updated on: January 31st, 2022

A total of seven research reports will be delivered in 2021/2022, providing validated qualitative and quantitative data that will guide program development, prioritization, and deliveries.

Research Study (2021-2022)StatusMilestone Completion Date
Research Study (2021-2022)
1. Building Research Capacity and Oversight at the NIFSCStatus
Milestone Completion Date
July 31st 2021 (Q2)
2. Fire Safety AmbassadorStatus
Milestone Completion Date
Feb 28th 2022 (Q4)
3. Fire Safety Messaging ResearchStatus
Commissioned/In Progress
Milestone Completion Date
Oct 31st 2021 (Q3)
4. Apparatus Capital Equipment RecyclingStatus
Milestone Completion Date
Oct 31st 2021 (Q3)
5. Community-Based Fire ResearchStatus
Commissioned/In Progress
Milestone Completion Date
March 1st 2022 (Q4)
6. Fire Department Diversity Inclusion, Creating Opportunities for Indigenous Recruitment Status
Commissioned/In Progress
Milestone Completion Date
March 1st 2022 (Q4)
7. Fire Mortality Indigenous Persons, a Deeper ViewStatus
Not commissioned
Milestone Completion Date
March 1st 2022 (Q4)

Governance and Corporate Development

Governance and corporate development support the structure and corporate infrastructure for the NIFSC.

Goal 1

Governance Legitimacy

To solidify support from national and regional Indigenous Organizations for the existence, scope, and structure of NIFSC and establish the accountability framework that will sustain this support on an ongoing basis.

Objectives of Goal 1

  • Supported and approved mandate statement for NIFSC

  • Supported and approved governance model for NIFSC

  • Accountability framework

Goal 2

Effective Partnerships

To secure and sustain support for NIFSC, including funding, from the Government of Canada, and establish a network of other strategic partnerships that advance NIFSC’s mandate.

Objectives of Goal 2

  • Federal support for NIFSC’s mandate and operations

  • Long-term funding agreement with the Government of Canada

  • Partnership agreements

Goal 3

Corporate Integrity

To establish the essential legal, policy, people, and corporate infrastructure for an effective NIFSC institution that meets the expectations of Indigenous Peoples and communities.

Objectives of Goal 3

  • Legal foundation for NIFSC’s governance structure

  • Initial Board of Directors and strategic direction for NIFSC to be established for the 2022-2023 fiscal year

  • Corporate policy and workflows for governance and accountability

  • Efficient and effective the design for the organization to meet the mandate and service model

  • Infrastructure such as office space and equipment